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Our Story

We support to thrive - not just survive!


Arts for Life Project (UK) was co-founded in 2017 by me, Beth Gevell (Artist) and Jacqui Dennaford (Psychotherapist).


Whilst walking around the Aquadrome with our dogs, we realised that instead of helping just one young person at a time, we could merge our skills to bring to life a space for young people to be creative whilst providing 'hidden' therapy.

We started with four young individuals around my kitchen table, over time, our numbers grew to 60 and we were running 3x hourly ‘Creative Crew’ sessions every evening of the week.  Forge House in Northwood became our new base and an incredible studio for not only our group sessions but private spaces for our clinicians too!


Our Studio has a "home from home" feel with art all over the walls and a fun hideaway and a space to play - somewhere our young people can be who they want to be in an environment where we all listen and understand.  We also have a fantastic 'sea themed' sensory room for all to explore


We pride ourselves on having an incredible team and a hugely supportive board of trustees


Our Philosophy

At Arts For Life Project (UK), we primarily specialise in young people with special needs  including ASD, ADHD, OCD, anxiety, depression, physical disability, and self-harm to name a few.  We support our young people with:

  • Social, Communication and interaction needs

  • Cognition and learning difficulties

  • Social, emotional, and mental health difficulties

  • Sensory and physical needs

  • Emotional Wellness Challenges 

Art is our main medium, with the Therapy being "hidden" in a similar way to the Montessori method: self-directed activity, hands-on approaches and collaborative play.  Our young people have a space to make creative choices using positive and clean language, providing a safe, nurturing and comfortable space for all.

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