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Register with Arts for Life Project

Arts for Life Project aims to make impactful change to the everyday lives of vulnerable young people, who find life challenging, have a love of the arts and are able to interact in a group setting.

Our Participants

Our projects are best-suited for children from year 3 (age 8) up to young people aged 25. We provide specialised integrated arts and mental health-based programmes to support both these young people and their families. Our children and young people  display :


  • Autistic Spectrum characteristics

  • Attention and Hyperactivity characteristics

  • Emotional Wellness challenges

  • Learning struggles

  • Social, communication struggles


Participants are invited into the programme through an initial referral form process and a meet and greet appointment. We accept referrals for individual clinical support or for open review at initial appointment. Referrals can be made by parents and carers and any children/young people professionals by email, phone and via the referral form.

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