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Creative Crew

A weekly term-time project of fun and communication

Our Creative Crew sessions empower children and young people by engaging with the therapeutic power of the arts within a group. The young people engage in a variety of fun and relaxed activities that encourage proactive mental health and emotional intelligence development.


The activities help to balance the internal dialogue that individuals use daily to manage their lives both consciously and subconsciously. Emotional development is interlaced into each session without conscious awareness creating a safe and secure environment for young people to enjoy, have fun, develop and grow.

1:1 Clinical Therapy  

Individual Therapeutic Support offered on an
open-ended basis. 

Support is offered through BACP / UKCP registered professionals. Our professionals are person-centred and multi-discipline trained and use a combination of support techniques to suit individual needs.


Referrals are accepted from individuals, parents/carers and any professionals working with children and young people. 

You can self-refer into the service if you are 16 years or above.


1:1 Art & Wellbeing

“Art & Creativity can help us tap into our emotions and make sense of them"

In our 1:1 Art & Wellbeing sessions we offer 50-minute sessions filled with creativity of every kind. Not only that, but it's also a whole lot of fun!


Art can help improve health and wellbeing in a host of ways, from increasing serotonin levels and increasing blood flow to the part of the brain associated with pleasure.  Art can also foster new ways of thinking and promotes holistic wellness, which in turn, can support physical and mental wellbeing.  It can encourage social engagement, increase confidence and can foster new ways of thinking.


1:1 Mentoring

Using the magic of the arts, we offer 50 minute 1:1 sessions with an experienced Youth Mentor, tailored specifically to the young person’s needs.


The supportive relationship between mentors and mentees contributes to both immediate and long-term benefits. These include lifestyle choices, enhancement of self-esteem and self-confidence, improving behaviours both at home and at school, and supporting and encouraging positive social skills.

These sessions can be open-ended allowing the young person to grow in a safe and nurturing environment with no completion deadline. They stay until they feel safe and confident enough to move on.


Skills for Life

An impactful course-based programme to develop essential life skills in a nurturing environment for young people.

Participants engage in a variety of fun and relaxed activities incorporating technical, household, physical wellbeing and communication skills.


In this supportive programme, Arts for Life encourages and develops personal responsibility, independence and life skills.

In small groups of no more than 4 young people, we take care to ensure compatibility to encourage new friendships, empathy, understanding and communication.​

Personal  development is interlaced into each session without conscious awareness, thus creating a safe and secure environment for young people to enjoy, have fun, develop and grow.

Wellbeing Cafe

A welcoming place for parents and guardians (with their families if they wish) to relax, have a cuppa, to just be.

Our parent support worker, Mandy, will be at the café during these times to support you with any challenges you may be facing. 


All Arts for Life Project parents and carers are welcome, even if your child attends sessions with us on a different day.  The café offers a friendly ear, activities and talks and/or just a quiet place to chat.


The Wellbeing Cafe is open:

Every Tuesday and Wednesday during term time:  from 4pm – 6:15pm.

Saint John's United Reformed Church

Hallowell Rd, Northwood HA6 1DN.

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